Beckn Open communities for building open playgrounds

At Beckn, our goal is simple: to make the internet small-business friendly. We started on our mission by creating an open Beckn Protocol for commerce. Very soon, we have had community members representing diverse businesses and organizations come together and re-imagine their businesses and their ecosystems with Beckn Protocol. They are using Beckn Protocol to be more discoverable to their consumers and participate in the new way of doing business digitally.

the beckn credo


To make internet small-business friendly. Be a force multiplier with minimal footprint. Amplify potential

Guiding Lights

Open Specs, Equal access. Retain agency of small businesses. Non-Rivalrous, Non-exclusive networks

Community Driven

Increase value for all participants.  Be a Network Weaver in your own way. Be a contributor of specs and best practices

We are an open community. So, no registrations. No memberships. No partnerships. Just a minimal footprint of an open and equally accessible Beckn Protocol that anyone can use. Multiple businesses and organizations have started using Beckn Protocol to fuel their digital acceleration. Our credo of being an open protocol creates a level-playing field for any market player, small or large. 

Beckn Protocol is an open commerce protocol with an abstract core, which is enabling market players to reimagine building seamless digital experiences and networks. This is very similar to how HTTP, while being a simple and open protocol has fueled seamless interaction between multiple systems and led to an explosive growth in internet adoption. 

The core team within Beckn is a lean not-for-profit organization that plays the role of creating this protocol, sharing it as a public good and bringing awareness to this protocol. Beckn is structured so as to simplify and enable community members to self-organize and co-create their own digital playgrounds and networks. The community has been driving growth for themselves as well as for the digital commerce ecosystem. Being on Beckn allows your business to be more easily discoverable to your stakeholders.

Over the last few months, a diverse set of eHealthcare service providers have organized themselves into a community and built a unified schema for telemedicine that is allowing them to provide seamless customer experience across multiple use cases spanning doctor consultations, lab testing, delivery of medicines and other use cases. Parallely, a diverse set of final mile logistic market players came together and are creating a comprehensive Final Mile Delivery Schema covering areas such as receiving orders for pick-ups and drops, payments, tracking of delivery and other use cases.

We continue to welcome visionary businesses and organizations to build their own digital communities and playgrounds in their business domains. Read more about Beckn Protocol here

Time to imagine with Beckn. Time to beckn the new!

For any enquiries, write to us at [email protected] 

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